Знаменитый ресторан в NY, декорированный Маратом Ка

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  • 02 Февраля 201217:03
Лучший декоратор России Марат Ка оформил престижный ресторан в NY
The iconic New York restaurant

For more than eighty years, New York's defining cultural moments have taken place at The Russian Tea Room.

Since being founded by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet in 1927, The Russian Tea Room has been a second home for boldface names and the intellectual elite - an exclusive enclave where actors, writers, politicians, and executives plan their next deals and celebrate their friends’ latest Carnegie Hall performances.

Countless guests visiting from around the globe walk through the antique revolving doors to catch a glimpse of the booth Dustin Hoffman sat in when filming Tootsie; to see the inspiration that Woody Allen found for the movie Manhattan; to walk past the coat check where Madonna worked before she found fame; or to try martinis like the cast of Gossip Girl recently did.

Today, The Russian Tea Room still captures modernist Russian style décor, hosting New York’s elite as a restaurant for continental fine dining, elegant high tea, the finest vodka selection and a stylish party venue.

Info from http://www.russiantearoomnyc.com


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Марат был в составе группы декораторов, вряд ли он один его делал...